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Welcome to Numatch

About Numatch

Welcome to Numatch - a dating service for successful, professional individuals based in Cape Town and the surrounding areas, looking to meet like-minded singles.

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About Membership

A small fee secures your 12 month membership with Numatch and thereafter a minimal club fee is paid per annum to remain on the database.
Numatch is an investment in your future happiness.

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About Our Service

Rather than online dating Service, Numatch facilitates personalized matchmaking. The nature of our service is integrity and confidentiality, and our greatest concern is finding your soul mate, future life partner, or companions who share your values.

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Our Objective

At Numatch we endeavor to match individuals by building close working relationships with our clients, getting to know every individual personally, screening and qualifying each client. Numatch's thorough process provides a better understanding of our clients’ needs and wants in order to establish the most suitable pairing.

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How Numatch is different

How do we work? If you have ever tried Online Dating, or heard stories from some people who have, you will know the potential danger in having all your personal information on public display and how easily one can be deceived by unscrupulous people.

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